Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jayna Pavlin’s Very Derivative Clavicle Set Up

Create null for the Clavicle
Create a curve controller for the clavicle
Freeze Transformations on it after placing it
Parent it to the null

Unparent your arm rig from the rest of your character heirarchy.
Create a group above your arm rig (not including the clavicle) and move its pivot to the shoulder, call it something like L_ARM_RIG_ALL. 
Note: this will not be under a null, but should instead be the parent of the null over your upper arm controller.ull and freeze transformations again

Create a locator and name it L_CLAVICLE_DUMMY

Move the locator to the clavicle joint L_Clavicle_Dummy

Parent the L_ARM_RIG_ALL group under the L_Clavicle_Dummy

Select the clavicle controller and then the clavicle joint and Constrain>Parent Constrain
Select the clavicle joint and then the Clavicle Dummy and Constrain>Parent Constrain (maintain offset)
Select the L_ARM_RIG_ALL group and the L_Clavicle_Dummy and in hypershade select the graph input/output nodes
Select a mult/divide node from general utilities (left side of the hypershade)
Select rotation out of the L_Clavicle_Dummy to input1 of the mult/divide node
Select the output of the mult/divide node into the rotation of the L_ARM_RIG_ALL
On the L_Arm_Controller (or equivalent) create an attribute called Inherits_Rotate_Off and set it to go from 0 to 10 with the default being 0
Create a set driven key with that L_Arm_Controller’s Inherits_Rotate_Off attribute driving the multiply/divide nodes Input 2X, 2Y, and 2Z attributes. When Inherit_Rotates off is at 0, the multiply divide notes Inputs should be set to 1, when Inherits_Rotate is at 10, it should be at -1
Parent the L_Clavicle_Dummy to your top spine controller not under the L_Clavicle_cntrl
if it spins out, cntrl-Z to undo, then group it under a group called L_CLavicle_Group
create a null; select the top spine join and then the null and do a parent-constraint with maintain offset left unchecked
delete the constraint
parent the L_Clavicle_Group under the null
select the null then shift select the spine controller and parent (P)
then select the null of the clavicle controller and shift select the spine controller and hit P to parent it into the heirarchy. it is part of the spine heirarchy and not at the top of the arm heirarchy of null/controllers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pole Vector Set Up

Now, its pretty easy to set up a basic pole vector controller; just select the controller and then the IK handle. The problem is if you move the leg about you might have to counter-animate. If you want to make sure it follows your foot controller and IK handle this is a handy and quick way to make it happen!

select knee controller then IK handle and constrain>pole vector

put knee controller under a group (cntrl+g)

center pivot on group

Select IK hip joint, foot controller, and lastly the knee group (group above the pole vector control)

Constrain>point constraint

the controller popping behind the knee is normal, don't worry about it!

select IK hip joint, shift select knee group (the group above your pole vector controller)

constrain>aim constraint

aim vector is Y = 1, up vector y=1 as well (default)
select the curve contoller (not group) for the pole vector knee and move forward

freeze transforms on it

now you can adjust the foot controller and your polevector controller will follow!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reverse Foot Rig

Notes for the reverse Foot Rig in Maya 2010

and here is the heirarchy: