Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reverse Foot Rig, Part 2

It's been a while since I have forgive the absence. I have been one busy gal. If you have found the tutorial helpful or it needs some clarifying on any step, just let me know!

The rest of the reverse foot rig is pretty easy stuff. You have done all the hard work up til this point. Give yourself a pat on the back. Go ahead! You deserve it!

Okay, now back to work.... you can't go patting yourself on the back all day.

As you remember last time we had a heirarchy now set up for the reverse foot. I will usually just go ahead and grab that in the hypergraph and parent it to the rig_ALL_CNTRL ; this is the controller that should be at the top of your heirarchy of controllers.

Once you do that we are going to create TWO groups in this hierarchy. This will be to control the banking of our foot from side to side.

repeat this for the other foot!

Now we are going to do some set driven keys to automate a few of these processes. Stand by in part three!

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